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Turmeric Process Plants

As we dedicate our entire stock for export, we need to match up to the international standards. This is the reason, each step at this processing plant is taken in perfect adherence to international laws, regulations and standards. A list of best machines and equipment is put to use, which helps us in producing a diverse range of Natural Turmeric Fingers, Double Polished Turmeric Powder, etc., in bulk. Owing to the support of this plant, we have managed to satisfy our clients demands in a seamless manner, in the past. 

Our Vendors 

We procure raw materials from leading farmers and vendors of Tamil Nadu, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Telangana, Kerala, etc. 

Benefits of Turmeric

The high quality and varied health as well as other benefits of products made using turmeric have attracted a huge clientele towards our enterprise. Regularly, we offer our clients with 100% natural Double Polished Turmeric Powder, Natural Turmeric Fingers, etc. We deal in food grade, cosmetic grade and pharmaceutical grade Turmeric Powder & Fingers. All of them offer different benefits to people. Some of the most famous benefits of our range are listed below: 

  • Food Grade: The food grade Turmeric Products that we offer are use to add flavor and color to many meals in Indian as well as Middle Eastern Cuisine. The products offer great anti-inflammatory benefits to people. It also subsides the symptoms of common cold and cough when consumed mixing it with sweetened milk or warm water. 
  • Cosmetics Grade: Our products are used as raw materials by many cosmetic companies. They make use of our range to create a line of skin care & makeup while focusing on improving skin tone, complexion and natural glow of the skin. The cosmetics made using our collection also reduces scars and blemishes. 
  • Pharmaceutical Grade: Many medicines are developed using our huge collection of Turmeric Powders & Fingers. The anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties of our range improve brain function. It is also used in medicines that lower the risk of heart diseases. The turmeric is renowned to provide great relief to patients with arthritis as well as helps in the prevention of Alzheimer disease. 

Some Other Uses of Our Range

Our range is used to create highly effective face masks that help with breakouts as well as pimples. The masks are acclaimed for reducing acne as well as inflammation. Such mask exfoliates the skin and gives it a youthful glow. Further, it is also used to improve oral health, as turmeric naturally whitens the teeth. With just 5 mins application of a pinch of turmeric one can see the results. Turmeric is also used to create quality veterinary medicine. The antiseptic properties of turmeric makes it exceptionally useful in healing bruises. It is also a great pest repellent, and is most famously used to repel ants. 

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